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endermologie face.jpg

Age Defying Treatments

Get visible results as of the 1st session. Real skin fitness, face endermologie boots the natural synthesis of essential youth substances. Collagen for  more firmness. Elastin for more suppleness. Hyaluronic acid for more volume and hydration.

Face Endermologie

This is the only technique that naturally boosts your own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production with no pain, no aggressive treatment and no downtime. This is a 30 minute procedure of pure relaxation. You will see immediate and long lasting results. Skin will feel refreshed, enhances circulation, sculpts face and jawline. It has proven effectiveness and is at the forefront of fibroblast research.
  • 10 minutes (single session, plus the price of facial flap kit) = $40 *depending on demographics.

  • 10 minutes (package of 12 or more sessions; includes free facial flap kit and evaluation) = $420 package of 12 ($35 package price per session)

  • 30 minutes (single session; plus price of facial flap=$115 *depending on demographics.

  • 30 minutes (package of 12 or more sessions; includes free facial flap kit and evaluation) $105 (package price per session) $1260 package of 12.


Zero gravity LED anti-aging skin rejuvenation system

Introducing the revolutionary Perfectio X, the newest technology in skin rejuvenation. This state of the art device is FDA cleared as a medical device, powered by its revolutionary glass probe, with a combination of LED and NASA infrared light technology.

This is the same light that NASA has been using to grow plants in space. It provides a deeper and more effective treatment to all skin layers. It helps to produce more collagen. This results in healthier, younger looking skin. The red light also reduces the level of melanin in the skin and improves the appearance of age and dark spots.

Inquire within for pricing.

endermologie face.jpg
face treatment.jpg
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