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Lea Ok, owner of Contouring Cellulite Center

Meet the owner

You'll be better than "Ok" with Lea, the owner of of Contouring Cellulite Center located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  That's because her last name is literally Ok. How cool is that? Lea Ok was born to help people feel better about themselves and their bodies. A longtime Glastonbury resident, Lea became involved in Endermologie first as a client. After her very first treatment, Lea was hooked.

Lea Ok, Endermologie Practitioner
Owner, Contouring Cellulite Center, LLC.


I completely believe in this because it works. It takes at least 12 sessions and being consistent but  you will see results. While it is different for everyone, I recommend my clients come at least once or twice a week in the beginning. Then, it's a matter of maintaining your results with regular treatments at least once a month.

When I had my first treatment, I felt like I worked out without working out. It was very therapeutic, I felt like I got rid of a lot of toxins. It tightened my skin. It started shaping me and that's when I was sold.

After owning my own business for years, I decided it was time for a career change and started studying Endermologie. I knew this is what I was meant to do.  I am now a certified  LPG practitioner and absolutely love what I do! I trained in Florida by a certified instructor from France.

Aside from raising two amazing daughters, I love to spend my free time working as a CNA, playing pickleball and sewing. And yes, I still do my Endermologie treatments every week.



Contouring Cellulite Center

150 Sycamore Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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