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Endermologie Treatments For Body

Pricing For LPG Body Treatments

Reshape. Relax. Reset.

Each LPG Full Body Treatment Feels Like a Deep Tissue Massage.

"I felt like I had done 100 stomach crunches after my LPG treatment. For days, I could feel it still working long after the treatment was finished." ~Shelly, client

LPG's exclusive technique of cellular stimulation fights the signs of aging skin and resistant fat storage, resulting in improved tissue quality and a sense of well-being. It's 100% natural, no pain with no known side effects and no downtime. You will see immediate results with increased local blood and lymphatic circulation for glowing skin and a feeling of wellness. Results are long lasting. It smooths cellulite, targets resistant fat, tones the skin and contours the body. It's proven effectiveness and is backed by more than 30 years of research. The treatment is comfortable and relaxing. 
Endermowear is a comfortable and stretch body suit that you will need to wear for your treatment. We have suits available for both men and women. Check out our pictures!

Prices for single treatments and packages:

  • Single Session for Body Endermologie : 35 minute, single session plus price of Endermowear = $130 *depending on demographics.


  • Package of 12 or more sessions: includes free Endermowear and evaluation=$120 (package price per session) $1400 package of 12.

  • Express single session:  15 minutes plus price of Endermowear=$55 *depending on demographics.

  • Express package of 15 minutes (package of 12 or more sessions; includes free Endermowear and evaluation= $50 per session; $600 package of 12.

LPG Total Care

  • Face and Body 10% discount=  1 Hour $200

  • Body session (package of 12)
    35 minutes= $120 each

  • Face Session (package of 12) 30 minutes =$105 each

Body Measurements
Endermowear/ Male

Endermowear for men

LPG--made in France
Endermowear female suit

Endermowear for women

Before and After

I've been having endermologie treatments for years. Currently I am undergoing treatments with Lea. This really does work. I can say that I finally have my waistline back. Also, its a great treatment for deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. Lea will address your specific needs and concerns. I always feel so good after the treatment. As with anything, you need to commit to it to get the results. Lea will work with you on setting up a treatment plan to achieve your goals.


Helene, client

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